How to SET UP a COMPLETE SHOP on a Budget

The most common problems Beginner Woodworkers face are tool selection and workshop space, when it came to tools, people simply didn’t know what to get.

  • They were afraid of getting bad tools and wasting their hard earned money on something that would stop working within a year…
  • Or they were afraid of overspending and buying something that... when it came down to it… they would never even use.
  • They’re usually confused about which tools they need to have, and which ones they can do without. (After all, if you’ve looked inside a woodworking magazine lately, EVERY single tool is a MUST-HAVE item… even the ones that seem to have no practical purpose!)

So, you found yourself on those situations then you may need this one.

You can find on it:
  • Everything You Need To Setup Your Shop (no matter how tiny your space is!) - Hundreds of pages of pure no fluff, step-by-step, how to instructions, advice, strategies and resources to setup shop in any space for any budget.
  • Workshop "Perfect Layouts" - Tons of layouts from small to large spaces you can copy to maximize your work space and make your shop much more efficient.
  • Tool Selection + Price Guides + Secret Suppliers List: Discover WHAT tools you actually need and where to buy them at deep discounts. (Retailers will hate me for this!)
  • Free bonuses: "The Workshop Cheat List" & "Deal Alert Service". Discover how to cut enormous costs with lumber, tools and get alerts on discounted deals online.


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