Complete Illustrated Guide to Furniture and Cabinet Construction by Andy Rae - Free PDF

Making furniture is one of the most satisfying ways to pass time: The schiiick of a plane iron on wood; the dizzying aroma of freshly sawn sugar pine or East Indian rosewood; the endless array of color, texture, and feel of woods from around the world; the tense but joyful final assembly, when all work and toil come together in a conclusive burst of completion. What excitement! This is the fine -and fun- art of woodworking. The reward is beautiful furniture.

To experience this excitement, you’ll need to have a degree of control over your work and your tools, command a working knowledge of your materials, and understand some basic design principles. Unlike most other crafts, furniture making and cabinetmaking demand vast knowledge -and attentiveness. You must know what tools and techniques to use and how to arrange the correct sequence, or order, of events when using them. You should listen with attentive ears and eyes to the material you’re working and choose wood wisely, allowing for its eccentricities. With its countless pieces and parts, cabinetmaking involves a high level of organization, and organizing your work and your shop space are part and parcel of the craft. By combining all your skills, you can make any type of furniture your dreams conjure up. You’re limited only by your imagination. I hope this book will provide you with a starting point for these skills. With practice, many small joys are waiting for you. They’re worth seeking.

Above all, be patient. It takes time to master some of the smallest things. There are tricks and shortcuts, of course. They come with experience, and many are shown in the pages ahead. More important is the awareness that comes from trying many approaches and finding one that works for you. In a very real sense, woodworking is a personal journey. That’s because there is no right or wrong way of making furniture. What counts is what works. Once you discover something that works, call it your own, and stand by it. You’ll have found something that will make your woodworking more pleasurable. And your fine furniture will reflect the results.



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